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        3P series three-stages team jet vacuum pump

        ①The minimum steam pressure is 0.3Mpa(absolute pressure) , please specify when placing order, so that we can configure the nozzle according to the required pressure

        ②The condenser shown in the Figure is the mixed direct cooling condenser.The condenser can be replaced by an intertube cooling condenser according to customer's requirements

        ③FL+11M refers to the height difference between the water surface of the tank(box) and the support.



        ①Viscose fiber vacuum de-aeration
        ②De colorization and deodorization of vegetable oil
        ③Vacuum impregnation
        ④Jet refrigeration
        ⑤Chemical fiber slices drying
        ⑥Monomer recycling
        ⑦Tobacco vacuum moisturization
        ⑧Glycerin distil ation
        ⑨Concentration crystallization

        3P series three-stages team jet vacuum pump